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Disclaimer of the Consortium Cripplegate Bowling Club: We have to announce that all the design and material on this website is considered to be copyright to the Green designs for Consortium of Cripplegate Bowlers Worcester U.K..If any infringement either way is noted or any inaccuracies in information then please advise the club by E mail and the necessary action will be taken.

General public use of the greens for Bowling   Our Greens are available to the general public to use for a fee of £4.00 per unlimited session or a season ticket for £55.00 April-September.
A liberal dress code is requested and of course flat soled shoes have to be worn. The greens are professionally maintained and we consider them to be the best in Worcestershire.
We always give a very warm welcome to visiting Bowling Clubs, our aim is to give our guests an enjoyable and comforting use of our greens and pavilion. If you would like to participate please contact us through the Consortium Secretary or by the use of the form below.

Welcome to our website this will give you some insight to our Six Bowling clubs, they are friendly and competitive, well established clubs. Cripplegate Ladies was established in 1947, Worcester Ladies established in 1987 , Powick club established 1961, where as the  Worcester County ground   club was formed in 1899, Worcester Brotherhood formed in 1930, The Grosvenor club formed about the 1960's. To-day we flourish as a Consortium at Cripplegate park in Worcester UK both male and female membership with a 21st century management team for 21st century bowling .No more do we consider bowls to be an old mans game "It's a young person game that old people can play" to which young and old do play.
The season starts April through to September we have three greens used for competitions practice and friendly games we also cater for touring teams. You can play without joining any of the clubs, we have an indoor bowling set up for the winter months, refreshments are available most days .

All Six of our Bowling Clubs are seeking New Members. Newcomers to the area who can play or want to learn to play flat green or indoor bowling please contact the oiningConsortium Secretary in the Contact us link or by the joining form.

.Beginners...Free Bowling and initial tuition to anyone who would like to try their hand at Bowling, any age group would be most welcome....Interested then please contact the Consortium Secretary available in the contact us link above...Introduction lessons to Bowling available any time during the open season for flat green or anytime for indoor mat Bowling in the closed season.

A Consortium of Six Bowling Clubs. We have Three Greens maintaied to County standards.


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